VPN, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, is a service which enables you to circumvent any restrictions based on country that internet sites or online services may have. By using this service, your Internet connection goes through a third-party hosting machine, so you connect only to it and every website that you open is accessed using the hosting machine Ip, making it a proxy. Since your real Ip address or location are never disclosed, using a Virtual private network will also increase your security when you access any content on the web since it will appear that the Virtual private network hosting server is the one opening a website, for example, and not you directly. Thus you can open content which is restricted either by the provider that offers it or by your Internet provider. We provide Virtual private network access through various locations worldwide as an element of all our hosting packages and if your sites are accommodated on our servers, you could employ this service without paying anything on top of the hosting fee.
VPN Traffic in Web Hosting
In case you use a web hosting package from our company, you'll be able to find the Virtual private network hosting servers list and the login credentials that you have to use within the respective section of your Hepsia Control Panel. We keep expanding the number and the location of the hosting servers regularly, so with only a few mouse clicks you'll be able to conceal your actual location and appear as if you're in New York or Amsterdam, for instance. This service will offer you more freedom since you shall be able to access any information that's restricted within your country either by your Internet provider or by the website offering a particular service and all it takes to accomplish this is to be able to connect to any of our hosting servers. We also offer a tool, which will filter all images and any ads which show up on a given website in order to enhance your loading speed and to save you the additional traffic from content that you might not want to see. Our service provides you with the opportunity to access any blog, streaming service or social network worldwide with ease.
VPN Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
You can use the VPN access service with all of our semi-dedicated hosting accounts and the login information that you should type in in the client on your pc shall be listed within the VPN area of your Control Panel. This is also the place where you can find all locations where we have hosting servers, so you could easily connect to a machine in North America or Europe, for instance, and every time you access a site, it shall appear that you are in the country where the hosting server is. The connection to the VPN servers is encrypted all of the time, so your actual physical location or what you watch or download online will be undetectable from any third-party. This shall allow you to use any service that's restricted to specific countries or to access any content material that could be restricted in your own country, such as certain social networks, blogs, discussion boards or video and audio sharing portals.
VPN Traffic in VPS Web Hosting
All Linux VPS web hosting packages that are set up with our state-of-the-art in-house built Hepsia Control Panel provide VPN access at no additional charge on top of the monthly Virtual private server fee and you'll be able to find everything you need to use this service inside the Virtual private server section of your account. This includes the hostname and the login info for the VPN client on your end and the locations of all servers which we have in order to enable you to select the most appropriate one based upon what and where you want to access. The connection will constantly be encrypted, consequently you won't need to worry that another person might see what internet sites you visit or where you actually live. The VPN filter, which you may activate via Hepsia, will filter advertisements and will compress graphics so as to save you traffic and to improve your browsing speed. With this free service, you can use any online service no matter if it is blocked within your home country or if the access to it is restricted only to selected countries.
VPN Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting
The VPN access comes with all dedicated servers hosting set up with the advanced Hepsia Control panel and when your hosting server is ready and you log in, you willfind a section devoted to this service in which you could see the login details you need as to be able to connect to our VPN system. This includes not only the username and the password, but also a list of servers worldwide that you'll be able to use as an access point and make it appear as if you are in Europe, North America, etcetera. As all your Internet traffic shall go through the server you've picked, we have also added a special filter in Hepsia, which you can activate when you want to block advertisement banners and compress the other graphics on the sites that you visit. In this way you shall enjoy faster loading speeds and will save some traffic. Our Virtual private network service shall allow you to use any online content no matter if it is available only in selected countries or if your local Internet provider blocks it for any reason.