The Website Installer located in the DNSOLOGY - NET Website Control Panel provide you with an easy way to generate a fresh site using a custom appearance in less than a few min’s. All it requires is merely 4 basic steps for your brand new site to be online. You can actually choose between more than 200 readily available web templates and just as soon as everything is set, you are able to take care of your website with a click of the mouse. We will send to you sign–in information for the management area and you will be able to start incorporating completely new site pages in an instant. If perhaps, anytime, you need further instructions – DNSOLOGY - NET’s computer team members are available 24 hours a day, all set to help you along.

The Website Installer can be found with every Linux web hosting, Linux VPS web hosting packages, semi-dedicated hosting packages, and dedicated servers hosting package coming when using the DNSOLOGY - NET Website Control Panel.

An Immediate Website Installation Tool

Publish your brand–new web site with only a mouse click

If you are not skilled in website coding, it can be difficult for you to take care of a site setup by yourself – if you do not take advantage of easy–to–use web site creation applications such as our instant Website Installer that is included in the Website Control Panel. To utilize the application, you just need to select a design template for use on your web site and then install it with only a mouse click. You don’t have to have any kind of development experience to jumpstart your web site. You can integrate unique web pages and submit text content and pictures on them truly effortlessly. If you do not like the modification you’ve made you can always undo it and try again. It’s all simple to take care of.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Website Themes

More than two hundred web–site templates can be found

We have crafted over 200 distinctive web templates that you can use for your web sites. Because we never have made available all of these themes outside of our Website Control Panel, exclusively DNSOLOGY - NET’s users are able to benefit from them. The templates are diligently created to match numerous web sites – from personal blogs and portfolio sites to online shops and graphic galleries.

We’re continuously focusing on releasing brand new templates as well.

200+ Free Templates

Day–and–night Technical Support Service

Contact us for support at any time

DNSOLOGY - NET’s support department offers an in–depth knowledge of hosting and is happy to aid you with any kind of problems you may have working on your web pages. Furthermore, you will find a detailed FAQ collection and a group of how–to video tutorials that address the most widespread inquiries and difficulties. We provide a 60–minute response time guarantee, nevertheless, in most cases DNSOLOGY - NET’s customer support representatives will be able to react in just half an hour.

24/7 Support